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Our creative server is like super fun!

Our Creative server is Where you can Build your magnificent Creations to share with your friends!

I need help with joining

Here's a geat video

For a great video explaining how to join a Multiplayer server, click here


Fight some players with a team!

The War Zone is A Survival Game Spin off But this MiniGame will Provide you With an magnificent Experience craving more.

Modded Minecraft

Go Explore Insane New Biomes, New Planets and new mysterious Mobs!

Supported Minecraft Modpacks Bropack Isolation, FTB direwolf20 1.12, More Comming Soon!

Extreme Survival

Try to not get killed by Insane monsters in the night!

This Minecraft Survival Mode is not your average minecraft Survival! this Survival has Turned the Survival Difficulty up to an 11.5.